Department Description Department Head
Department of Infrastructure Handles the construction and maintanince of GLSU Infrastructure TekNiX
Department of Defense Military staff office responsible for overseeing the GLSU ground forces
Department of Foreign Affairs Handles inter-organization relations
Department of Public Relations Handles public facing communications and outreach for the organization
Department of Finance Handles the Financial and Marketing aspects of the GLSU maruking
Department of Industry Handles the industrial projects and facilities at the heart of the GLSU mission RockyButtclench
Department of Energy Handles the research, manufacture, and distribution of resources related to energy
Department of Intelligence Handles the collection and analysis of key metrics relevant to the management of the organization SquidgyButtclench
Department of Territory Handles the managment and advancement of territory within the GLSU collective
Department of Recruitment Handles the acquisition and growth of resources and talent within the GLSU Cringey Buttclench
Fleet Admiral of the Navy Military staff office responsible for overseeing the GLSU fleet pengo1998
Chief General of the Army Military staff office responsible for oversseing the GLSU ground forces